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Vibrant, happy acrylic painting of a green dragon with spread wings, standing strong and proud on a mountain top while smiling.


My art is uplifting and joyous and so this magnificent fable creature fits perfectly into my style.


It was enjoyable to explore so many different shades of green that would go together but still be distinct from one another. I went with crisp apple green for the highlights, rich olive green for the shadows and fresh grass green for the ground.


All my paintings are a celebration of colour and so the background features a mosaic of painted shapes with hard edges in all colours of the rainbow; yellow, orange, red, rose, pink, plum, purple, turquoise, sky blue and deep blue. The cool dragon is set against warm complimentary colours to make it stand out. The shape, foreshortening and shadows in the dragon make it appear three dimensional and give the painting depth.


The artwork is called "Emeralda: Queen Of Dragons, Protector Of All" or “Strength” for short. It focuses on the power of kindness, support, standing up for what is right and helping others.


Dragons symbolise strength and wisdom and by standing tall while smiling, a sense of protection and warmth radiates from the painting. The picture’s aim is to bring happiness to the viewer and make them aware of their own strength.


The design for this painting was created during the pandemic, as part of a charity book project that had 12 themes to encourage conversation with children on different subjects. The topic for this painting was dreams.


The joyful dragon invites the viewer to let their imagination run wild and invent stories and adventures for the character in this painting and then relate back to their own life, desires and dreams.

Strength | Original Acrylic Painting | Green Dragon

SKU: 0001
  • Material: acrylic paint on deep edge canvas

    Size: 102cm x 76cm x 3.5cm | 40" x 30" x 1.5"

    Ready to hang: wire fixings across back of painting

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